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Welcome to Keeway


We are a brand that was born in Hungary in 1999 with the dream and conviction of being regional leaders in the scooters segment. After 15 years, Keeway has become a Multinational Motorcycle Brand with presence in over 80 countries, manufacturing not only scooters, but also high technology motorcycles from 50 cc to 600 cc.


Our design and style are inspired from our user’s experience from all over the world. We count with a team of designers from all over the word, especially young and entrepreneurs designers from Italy and Argentina. !


Thanks to the success on sales, Keeway became part of the QianJiang Motor Company of China group, one of the most important manufacturers in Asia. QJ has become the most successful European brand in China and other countries, after the acquisition, in 1998, of a majority shareholding of the Italian company, Benelli. Benelli has 105 years of history, being enormously important in Europe. With designs that set trends in the motorcycle world, it is our main partner in the development of designs and technology. And we are proud of it! As from 2015, all of our designs and new technology proposals come from the hands of the new design and development team in Benelli and Keeway

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